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Monday, September 11, 2006

Common Prayer by Norman Richardson

The Common Prayer for the September 10, 2006 service was written by Norman Richardson, a long-time member of the congregation. It was contributed to his EvenSong group.

O God, incomprehensible to our finite thought,
We stand in awe and wonderment of our universe,
Unable to comprehend its beginning and extent.

O Mysterious Power, hidden from our mortal senses
By the unfathomable depth and breadth of All that Is,
Let us bow in humility for what we cannot know.

O Infinitesimal Creation, far beyond our imagination
To dream of all your multifarious forms,
May we sing praises for the bounty and beauty we know.

O Force of Energy and Life, prompt us to pray in gratitude
For the Life we have been given and the chance
To make it meaningful for ourselves and for others.

O Principle of Mercy and Justice, teach us to practice
The virtues of compassion, reconciliation, and healing,
In a world fraught with fear, anger, and hate.

O Spirit of Love and Grace, make us ever thankful
For the good we receive and bestow,
And the Love we share with Everyone dear to us.

—Norman Richardson (2006)


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